i'm on hiatus

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30th Jan.
Everyone always said that tumblr is a happy place where people come to run away from real life. Well, not in my case. In the last few months, I've found no happiness in here, more like I cried everytime I came online. You could see I was rarely here nowadays, so I decided that this is it, the end. If I were brave enough, I would delete it altogether but there were times when I was happy here, even though I rarely remember it now. So this is a goodbye message from me. I don't know if I ever come back here or not, it's the secret of the future. I have queue still going on so for some time, you'll see me on your dashboard but not long. Feel free to write me, nice messages are always welcome. Well, I think this is it. You can still reach me on twitter, if you miss me that much but I doubt it. So take care and everything else.